I will be forever grateful to her skills as a motivator, her ability to listen compassionately and her unique way of bringing structure to the very frenetic experience of depression and addiction.”  (Client, New York City)

"Working with Beej has been a life changing experience for me. I came to her when I was at a very low point and struggling with depression, addiction and aimlessness. From the first session she was warm, caring, patient, and encouraging. We would make weekly goals that were manageable and slowly increased my self-esteem and hope. As my mental health improved, we moved from personal goals to professional goals. Beej helped me structure my week in a more productive way. Working with her has helped me realize myself and get my life back."  (Client, New York City)

"Beej was instrumental in helping me cut down my drinking.  She taught me to recognize when I was feeling triggered to over-drink, to stop and contemplate my impulses (without judgment!) and then pivot and bypass the problem.  I would recommend her services to anyone who feels they might benefit from reexamining their drinking habits, which is probably most people!"  (Client, New York City) 

“Thank you for all the tools you have given me. My quality of life has drastically improved. I liked figuring out the emotional side to drinking and the tools to deal with it. I also liked the meditation calming aspect. It also helped that you had experienced it and I felt supported.”  (Client, New York City)

Meditation Instruction

"I loved Beej! I thought she was really, really great. And I loved the class. It had me feeling good for the next few days!" (Ariana Tadler, Milberg Associates)

"Your gentle manner and patience gave our group participants a feeling of safety, allowing them to connect with some important feelings and thoughts."  (Jane Blumenstein, LMSW, Dorot USA

"I really enjoyed the meditation classes.  I’d definitely attend again.   I can truly say I feel so relaxed during/after the classes, I am hoping to start meditating more often. " (Attorney, Allen & Overy, NYC)

 "In the feedback after the workshop the women said the meditation was one of the best parts of the seminar!  We were led to an inner place where the thinking rests and the only task is to breathe. After the session, one person said she always thought that meditation was not for her, only to discover:  She can do it. That was one of Beej's messages. Everyone can meditate. Even if it is only a few minutes a day."  (Stephanie Ball, Expat Partners, Hamburg)

"I think the guided mediations were wonderful. I like the format and the instructor. I think she makes it very easy for beginners."  (Attorney, Allen & Overy)

“What has really worked for me was when you shared your wisdom with us. You have done all this amazing work and can tell us the story about how hard it is to calm down and how we can get there.  I love doing the exercises and sensing how they affect me in the moment and how they stay with me - or not - a day later.  I like when you share the wisdom your teachers have passed on to you with us. I like the idea of "homework" - meaning what we can try out at home and then report back to you.” (K.F., New York City)

"I feel like it is really helping us be more mindful and focused.” (L.J., New York City)

"I enjoy your calming reassuring voice giving gentle reminders during meditation."  (A. B., New York City)