Change Your Drinking, Change Your Life!

Many problem drinkers don’t seek help because they don’t feel they fit the stereotype of an alcoholic.  

The good news is, the current thinking has shifted away from abstinence-only one-size-fits-all solutions and toward harm reduction, or moderation, approaches, embracing the idea of a spectrum of drinkers, not one type—Not to label, but to inquire.

Many of my clients find ways to keep the pleasant aspects of drinking and eliminate the harmful, self-destructive ones.  If abstinence turns out to be the best solution for them, they have made that choice because they been able to access their own wisdom.

It takes a willingness to not only know all parts of oneself, but to embrace those parts in a friendly, nonjudgemental way, to gently investigate what is happening internally and externally.

My approach involves mindfulness, meditation, inquiry, urge surfing, visualization techniques, and parts work, to help assemble a personalized toolkit.

It’s hard to do this alone.